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Keyuan pharmaceutical held the commencement ceremony

As a pillar enterprise within Linuo Group  Healthcare industry cluster, Shandong Keyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.is dedicated to APIs’ development, manufacturing and marketing as well as international contract manufacture organization (CMO) service. It is a key enterprise in the field of synthetic APIs in Shandong province. Keyuan has established strategic cooperation with internationally renowned companies.

Main products: gliclazide, metformin hydrochloride,isosorbide monoitrate, isorsorbide dinitrate, isoflurane, ropivacaine hydrochloride, clarithromycin lactobionate, etc.

Certifications: Certifications: gliclazide and isosorbide mononitrate diluted are certified with CEP by European Medicines Agency (EMA). A number of products have also been filed or applied under process at US FDA.

Shandong Keyuan is a leading manufacturer in China for APIs treating diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and used in inhalational anesthetics, etc. It has a promising bright future.

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