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At Keyuan we believe in inculcating and working responsibly so that our employees, the community at large, and the environment including natural resources, are protected, leaving minimal environmental footprints.

Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance is on top priority and we are open and honest about such performance.

EHS Management system:

Keyuan Pharma’s current sewage treatment plant,utilizing flocculation settling, electrolysis and active carbon absorp-tion, has a daily capacity of 600 MT. Newly-built reverse osmosis, water-treatmet plant,with a daily capacity of 400MT,additionally assists in reducing overall water con-sumption.

Keyuan has installed a new 15MT/hour gas boiler with a low nitrogen burner that comfortably meets the latest emission standards.Moreover,we have installed advanced VOC’s treatment facilities with a daily capacity of 120,000 cubic meters producing test results of less than 40mg/I after treat-ment is bettering national emission standards.

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